Stinky toilets, dirty hospital corridors not the real problems: ‘See the larger picture on health’ DOH told

In order to address the healthcare problem in R.P., health experts identified six (6) building blocks that will serve as the foundation for instituting reforms in the health care system: health financing, service delivery, health workforce, health information system, medical products, vaccines and technologies, and leadership and governance.

Philippine health sector dying, says doctors’ alliance

With 200 hospitals halt their operations and about 800 have partially shut-down, the Philippine healthcare system is really, in deepest trouble. And who is to blame? It’s the State, says militant Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD).

March for Freedom: Morong 43 supporters flock Mendiola

The AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines and the local regional trial court of Morong have maliciously maneuvered the [case] of 43 health workers to be arraigned [for rebellion charges] – Geneve E. Rivera-Reyes, general secretary of Health Alliance for Democracy.

Arrested health workers, tortured

This would be a test to the Anti-Torture Law of 2009: the Health Alliance for Democracy has revealed—the Morong 43 was heavily tortured, physically and mentally.

Doctors’ alliance slams AFP for witch hunt in med community

Dr. Geneve E. Rivera, Head’s secretary-general, in a statement, said that after blatantly disregarding the most fundamental tenets of due process, the AFP now has the gall to prop up false charges against those whose basic rights they have violated.

Doctors’ group assails arbitrary arrests of colleagues in Rizal

Dr. Geneve E. Rivera-Reyes, Head’s secretary-general in a statement said the 43 health workers were illegally arrested and detained at the headquarters of the Philippine National Police (PNP).