Filipino mariners: sailing on turbulent seas

(A special report on Seafarers’ Week)  With the world economic crisis still there, the 24/7 piracy attacks in key waterways in the world, and the continued human rights violations on-board, the Filipino mariners and seafarers had no other hope but to stand, struggle and fight for their rights as human beings and as workers. By: […]

Seafarers, called to unite on fight for their rights and welfare

MANILA, June 25, 2011—The International Seafarers’ Action Center (ISAC) calls on different mariners’ and seafarers’ groups to intensify its struggles for their rights and welfare, as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) declares June 25 as the 1st Day for the Seafarer. In a statement, ISAC said that seafarers face myriad of problems, which solutions remain […]

NZ OFWs tell presidentiables: Bare plans on migration, labor

Migrante’s local chapter in New Zealand (NZ) challenges presidential aspirants to reveal their programs for labor and the migrant workers, saying that they want to know whether, like past administrations, the country will depend heavily on labor export and remittances to keep the Philippine economy afloat.

OFWs will be Philippines’ biggest export in 2010

Government data showed that there are an average of 2,952 OFWs deployed daily (POEA 2007 Overseas Employment Statistics With such average daily OFW deployment, it is no wonder that the Arroyo administration is meeting its 1-M yearly deployment of OFWs. It is estimated that there are now almost 10-M OFWs working abroad practically with presence in almost every country in the World.

Migrants’ group to file petition on SC for poll bid

Migrante International and its party-list, Migrante Sectoral Party is not giving up on its goal to represent the migrant sector in Congress and was scheduled to file a petition on the Supreme Court to allow them to join the 2010 congressional bid.