Fil-Ams to help Japan calamity victims

MANILA, March 25, 2011—Filipino-Americans in the United States are once again united in helping their kababayans who have been affected by the earthquake, tsunami and radiation leaks in Japan. Filipino communities, especially those who have been engaged in the religious service, had launched their own help campaign drive for Filipinos severely affected by the catastrophe. […]

Fisherfolks to block Laguna Lake’s ‘privatization’

Fisherfolks in the Laguna Lake had assailed the plans of having the lake “privatized,” saying they will do anything to block the attempt to make the 94,000-hectare lake as water source for Metro Manila residents.

Capitalist Response To Earthquakes/Hurricanes: Send Troops to Protect the Merchandise!

When capitalist greed and great economic inequality are no longer the norm, there will likewise be no fear that some, within a made poor and made resentful purposely under-book-educated underclass, might seize an opportunity to appropriate a few things they feel unjustly denied by an even more desperate and frantically selfish socially undereducated upper-class gang.

Doctors’ alliance slams AFP for witch hunt in med community

Dr. Geneve E. Rivera, Head’s secretary-general, in a statement, said that after blatantly disregarding the most fundamental tenets of due process, the AFP now has the gall to prop up false charges against those whose basic rights they have violated.