Lucis et Umbrae: a reflection on the art of Iyan de Jesus

The reflection of the Self, they say, could be the most interesting and the most beautiful art piece that one could ever create. Exploring the “universes” within, the vastness of the invisible and the visible Selves could bring artist and non-artist alike to the complete or partial understanding, and sometimes misunderstanding of himself or herself […]

MIRRORS: Gromyko’s Framed Mysteries[1]

Anyone who has an interest with the mysterious, with the intricacies of the human mind, and with the spiritual things, will fall in love with Gromyko Semper’s works easily; and it includes this author. Semper, a 25-year old artist from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija (a province in Central Luzon, the biggest island of the three […]


Rebuke is unique not because of its theme; but due to the diversity of the ideas on how to present the art of correction or reprimand, in a canvas or any other medium.

MIRRORS: Looking at the Face of Injustice in the Philippines

On the last note, let everyone—every spectator—reflect on each “mirror” hanging on the walls of the exhibition area and to examine the facts being reflected in there and assess if they do really replicate the events happening in the Philippine society today or this is just a bunch of propaganda. And everybody must say, Amen.

Doon Po Sa Amin… A look into Bladimir C. Usi’s art

“Bata pa lang ako ay nakitaan na agad ako ng aking mga magulang at mga kakilala na may talento daw ako sa pagguhit. Kaya elementary graduate ako nuon na may honor bilang “artist of the year” (akala ko, artista na ´ko). At nasundan pa nung high school ako. Marami kasi ang tamad mag-drowing sa mga klasmeyt ko, kaya nagpiprisinta ako na ako na lang ang magdrowing, kapalit ay pera (I was very young when my parents and some colleagues saw my talent in drawing. That’s why, when I’ve graduated in elementary, I was conferred with the “Artist of the Year” Award, I thought I was already a star! (He said, jokingly). Then I entered high school. My classmates are too lazy to draw [school projects and assignments], so I offer them my drawing services for a fee), says Filipino cartoonist Bladimer C. Usi.

Sharing Camille’s Moods and Moments

The last time I had a look at Camille de la Rosa’s works was five years ago. And it was all gardens, landscapes. Nothing was moving but the clouds, the flowers being blown by the soft summer wind or the dancing shadows of the trees that were captured so vividly that you seemed to be looking at photographs instead of paintings. In her 15th solo exhibition in the Renaissance Gallery in SM Megamall, which opened last Aug. 22, De la Rosa, 25, has gone one step further. She has now proved to the world that she is a well-rounded artist, mastering not only the command of the brush but the craft of capturing every subject that she desires to paint.