It has been two years since this blog was born. Actually, it is not born out of necessity but out of envy. This reporter is envious with his friends who maintain beautiful, useful and insightful blogs.

Since 2009, the public has been reading re-posts of the news and feature articles of this author, which appeared in different publications, be it online or offline. The reporter admits that he has no capacity to create opinion; neither he can shape the opinion of others. However, there is a need for his journalism to go a little bit further – from a simple reportage of political, social and economic events into a hard-hitting commentaries. How he would do that? God only knows how.


Maintaining a news blog isn’t that easy. It’s painstaking. Yes, there are 50,000 plus hits that this blog had garnered; but that is very insignificant for the author perceives that his reporting did not contribute that well in exposing the wrongdoings and the errors of the current system. This, despite the fact that he had become a section editor of a newspaper that is considered progressive and pro-masses.


As Pilipinas Reporter begins its second year, this reporter promises that from time to time, he will comment — even in Filipino — on the most pressing issues that he and his kababayans, here and abroad, are facing. It is the purpose of this blog, anyway: To keep the Filipinos abreast with the most pressing issues that affect and will affect them.

Without so much ado, let’s greet Pilipinas Reporter a very happy 2nd anniversary!