Govt urged to help pregnant OFW raped in Saudi

MANILA—Migrant workers’ watchdog, Migrante Middle-East (ME) asked the Philippine Government to quickly extend help to a Filipina, who was gang-raped in Saudi Arabia.

“A very reliable source confirmed that, based on the police’s initial investigation, the rape-survivor had had her routine check up in one of the general clinics in Dammam. When she’s walking towards her quarters, a service vehicle used by a university stopped. The driver asked her where she’s going. She said that she’s going home. The driver offered her a ride and the unsuspecting woman rode the vehicle only to find out that it is not the car service she used to ride, and that there’s another man sitting at the rear… Before she could step out of the car, it had accelerated speed. She was taken in an isolated place, where the abuse happened,” John Leonard Monterona, regional coordinator of Migrante-ME, said in an email.

Monterona said that based on a report sent to him, on the following day, the woman had given birth.

Monterona also said that he quickly called the Philippine Embassy in Saudi, to inquire about the status of the case but the person in-charge had refused to give any information.

“The one whom I talked to just said that he’s not in the position to release any information about the case but told us that they have already saw the victim,” Monterona added.

What worries the migrant leader is that the rape case would not be established as the woman had already given birth.

“Although the rape-survivor had already identified one of the suspects, what we fear is that there could be a whitewash, as the woman had already given birth. Because of the birthing, the medical evidence such as semen or lacerations could have been wiped out,” he said.

However, the migrant leader is still hopeful that this issue will not end up like the other cases in the past—just filed, investigated, but remains unresolved.

“We are hoping that her case won’t be like the other cases of rape and murder, which until now, no suspects have been litigated and punished. Just like the case of Romilyn Eroy-Ybañez, who was brutally murdered, but still no suspects were caught. What is more saddening, until now, her remains [is still kept] in a morgue here,” Monterona revealed.

In September last year, Eroy-Ybañez was found bathed in her own blood, in the kitchen of her employer’s house in Al-Khobar. Her autopsy shows that she suffered multiple stabbed wounds and there were evidences that she was forced to ingest acid.

“She was rushed to the hospital by members of Red Crescent and but pronounced dead, in a few hours,” he said. (