Investigate OFW murder in Kish Island, RP govt told

ANTIPOLO CITY, July 11, 2010—An International Alliance of Filipino Migrant Organizations in Middle East has asked the Philippine government to probe the death of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kish Island in Iran, while waiting for his entry visa, last July 1.

In an e-mail sent to CBCPNews, Migrante Middle East through its regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona said that an OFW only known as Marcus, 24, from Bicutan, Taguig was killed by a Sudanese due to a fight.

The OFW is temporarily staying on the island, waiting for his re-entry visa in order to work again in the United Arab Emirates, Monterona said in his email.

“According to the reports we have received, Marcus had a fist fight with the Sudanese when a colleague of the latter came and struck Marcus with a knife on his chest,” Monterona said.

The victim was rushed to Kish Hospital by his fellow OFWs and Iranian, but was declared dead on arrival at around 8:00 pm (Iranian Time), that same day.

Due to this, Migrante-ME is calling on the Philippine authorities to immediately investigate the incident and cooperate with the Iranian government in order to apprehend the suspects.

Meanwhile, Monterona told CBCPNews that his group is now trying to connect with Marcus’s relatives in UAE and in the Philippines while trying to extend any assistance that they can give.

He also said that they will ask permission of Marcus’s nearest of kin in order to autopsy his body, as part of the judicial process.

“Whatever evidences gathered will be used in filing a criminal case, against that Sudanese,” he said.

After the autopsy, the migrant leader said, his group will assist the family to process the repatriation of the victim’s body and some belongings by coordinating them with the proper authorities. (Published in


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