Migrante-ME alarmed over video of Pinay allegedly gang-raped, killed in UAE

ANTIPOLO CITY, Philippines—Migrants’ group, Migrante Middle East (ME) urges the government to immediately verify and investigate the alleged gang raping and killing of two Filipina overseas workers in the United Arab Emirates, whose video is now circulating in Facebook.

This reporter has also seen this video of a woman, with big cuts allover her body, bloods oozing from those open wounds and being attended by medical staff in an unnamed medical facility in the UAE.

In a statement sent to media by Migrante-ME’s regional coordinator, Prof. John Leonard Monterona he said that the video is alarming.

“If the case is true, then the Filipino community here has enough reason to worry,” he said.

The video has been titled “pls help spread the video pr mkarating s kinauukulan” which was posted on Facebook and has been circulating,” and its source(s) is/are unknown.

With the video is a note that reads:

“Please watch and let us HELP this Filipina, from a very reliable source, she was working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This girl, together with her Filipina friend also was about to go home from a party. While on the taxi, the 2 felt asleep due to liquor. The Pakistani Taxi driver called up his friends; he drove the car somewhere in the area and brutally raped the 2 girls (gang rape). After doing such thing, they also use a sharp object to cut their skin that also cut the other girls’ breast that made her bleed to death. The other one managed to escape suffering cuts and was able to rush into a government hospital, a well known state of the art hospital. This video shows that the Filipina is still GCS 15, with controlled bleeding. Still the cuts have not yet been stitched. Three days after. This Filipina died. No knows why, even the staff are forbidden to say something. TOTAL News Blackout where implemented that’s why this news didn’t came to manila, we dnt know who she was, and who are her relatives here in our country, please lets help and justice be sentenced to the group or Pakistani who raped them.. We should not let this happen again, we have some relatives abroad and even some of us are planning to work abroad. My source told me that the hospital was owned by the King, and ordered news blackout so that their image as zero-crime will still stay the same.”

“First things first: verification and conducting a thorough investigation by the RP posts officials must be conducted and from its findings, the RP post must act swiftly. If it’s true, then the alleged Pakistani suspects must be hunted down and file an appropriate criminal case against them,” Monterona said.

Monterona said he had already conveyed this incident to the attention of fellow OFWs and Migrante officers in the United Arab Emirates and had asked them to look into the case and send a report immediately. (Pilipinas Reporter)


9 thoughts on “Migrante-ME alarmed over video of Pinay allegedly gang-raped, killed in UAE

  1. Nakita ko ang gruesome video, nakakapangilabot..
    at nakakaawa ang biktima..
    thank you for posting it in your blog..
    nawa makarating sa kinauukulan 😦

    • please where i can watch this vid? d2 rin ako sa UAE nabalitaan ko but nun nalaman ko nasa FB and YOUTUBE na removed nah..thanks

  2. Napanood ko rin, there’s no way to ascertain na yung girl sa vid ay ni-rape, o may OCD sa self lacerations, o na-aksidente lang…much less na pinay nga…

    According to phil. embassy here- it’s another one of those hoaxes.

    “…Very reliable source” yun nga lang “origin unknown”, hmmm…nakakapagkamot nang ulo.

    You could link your readers sa source and let them judge for themselves. As for me, it’s BS made by some med staff in a hospital, then added some story/drama- o baka rip-off lang sa mga “gruesome vid sites” like rotten.com, etcetera.

    Be smart naman, repapips!

    • “SELF LACERATIONS” are you trying to tell us that this poor girl who lay in hospital in this horrific way did this to HERSELF? Yes well that sure seems plausible doesnt it? Hope this never happens to one of your loved ones.

      • The report of this “tragedy” originated from an UNKNOWN source… NOT from the “poor” girl’s family/friends (I wonder where they are…they should have been on the media by now), that, Miz Universe, is enough to cause suspicion.

        Criminal acts should be reported FIRST to the police, not posted on FACEBOOK saying “please help this vid reach proper authority”.

        It’s a hoax.


        This, however, is more reliable.


        Self-inflicted injuries are common to people suffering from OCD. I’m just saying it is STILL a possibility, given that it is just a viral video. Like I’ve said, there’s NO WAY to ascertain what really happened to that girl, let alone determine her nationality (maybe it’s not even a girl or a person). Possibly, but not plausibly.

  3. tng ina n mga pakistani yn dto s uae mga maniac, dpat nyan isa isahin.. wer i can watch the video? give me some links.. thank u..

  4. i have a video taped copy from facebook. still with me. now etisalat is busy cleaning up there mess. they actually blocked the video series in some international place esp. phil. what a wide foolish idea of uae govt to eradicate this video. truth will set us free. our consulate in abu dhabi cant do anything with this situation. King is King. We are just small ants. Condolence to the family. maybe they still dont know that there loveone already died long back. wether she’s a filifino or not, we should be very careful. thats why liquor is prohibited in middleeast as it alters our mind. may Allah forgives them and may grant peace on their soul

  5. I just cannot believe the comments that somebody actually could actually commit this kind of injury to themselves. HOW would you feel if this was YOUR family member. As somebody just noted, sadly, Filipinos are “ants” who help to nourish the lifestylyes of the rich and famous (and maybethe not-so-famous). Does this make these lovely hard-working people expendible? Apparently so according to some peoples attitude on this site. well………..May God forgive them and rest the souls of those victims of these bastards.

    • “HOW would you feel if this was YOUR family member.”

      I’ll feel bad of course. Both sad and angry perhaps, and vengeful, definitely.

      But I’ll make sure my emotions will not hamper me on doing the right thing: reporting to the incident to the authorities (instead of making a viral vid and posting it on fb).

      On the other hand, If I was one of those med staffs on the room, what I would have done probably was to:

      1. Attend to the victim first.
      2. Contact her family
      3. Contact the authorites.

      I always try to look at things objectively. Given that there was no police reports about the incident, (not even a report about a car accident), this fact raises the chances that the victim did that to her/himself. Most likely, she/he is suffering from mental illness, a compulsive disorder, an urge to mutilate one’s body (maybe for sexual pleasure).

      I think it’s not the first time that person did that to her/himself.
      And maybe one of the med staff saw it fit to film this—- the person will go into a mental asylum anyways.

      And oh, by the way, I’m an atheist. An “ANT i- theist”. 😉

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