Health workers returned to Capinpin for lack of facility says authorities

ANTIPOLO CITY – The 38 of the 43 health workers arrested in Morong, Rizal have been brought back today to Camp Mateo Capinpin in Tanay, Rizal for Camp Crame has no huge facility to accommodate the rebellion suspects.

The 38 were supposedly to be transferred in Crame, the Philippine National Police’s headquarters in Quezon City, 8:00 A.M. (Manila time) today. But the PNP had decided to return them to military custody due to lack of facilities.

The PNP detention facility can only accommodate 90 detainees but it is now jam-packed, with 140 prisoners.

In a text message sent by Allyn Montes, daughter of Dr. Alexis Montes, one of the detained health workers, she said that her father and the 37 are now in Capinpin.

Earlier, the Philippine National Police had announced that they are filing a petition for the transfer of the 38 to their prison facility in Bicutan, Taguig where they can be accommodated.

In an interview last night with the young Montes, she said although she doubts the integrity of the PNP, Crame would be a better place for the 38 than in Capinpin, for in the latter, visiting and checking the condition of prisoners, is harder.

“Human rights watchdog Karapatan said that it is easier to pay visit to the prisoners in Crame than in a military camp like Capinpin,” she said in Filipino.

Meanwhile, Vencer Montes, 27, the son of Dr. Montes now based in Dubai, U.A.E. said that their dreams (of seeing the 38 out of Capinpin, which they call the “torture chamber”) had been crushed because of the PNP’s decision to return the health workers in Tanay.

On the other hand, in another text message, Allyn said that the 38 had returned to Camp Capinpin with sadness on their faces, citing a text message forwarded to her by certain Wilie Cerato.

“Confirmed pabalik na sila sa sa Capinpin. Dumaan na sila dito sa Morong, andito ako. Ang lulungkot ng mukha nila,” read Allyn’s text message. (; see another report in Dateline Philippines. An early report was published here. Anthony Vargas also reports about this. See his report here and here.)


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  1. We should all be aware. Election deal between the Communist Party of the Phlippines – New People’s Army and Nacionalista Party. What is at stake on May 10 and what the future could be.

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