State workers’ fed calls for sacking of Philpost exec for alleged repression, corruption

ANTIPOLO CITY, Philippines — The Confederation for Unity, Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees (Courage) is calling for the sacking of Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost), Assistant Post Master General for Human Resource Development and Training Oscar Lazo, for allegedly threatening union officials critical of him and for graft and corruption.

A statement posted on Courage’s website claimed Lazo had threatened Kapisanan ng mga Kawani ng Koreo sa Pilipinas (KKKP) president Tirso Paglicawan Jr. and Philpost Rank-and–File Employees Association (PRAFEA) president Manuel Rama.

Lazo allegedly pointed a gun at Rama.

The postal union officers said the incidents happened inside the Philpost main office in Lawton, Manila. They added the threats are believed to have something to do with their demands to immediately release unpaid benefits.

Ferdinad Rimando Gaite, Courage national president, slammed the threats, saying this shows Philpost executives “are desperately trying to hide something fishy. It seems that all the anomalies and corruption cases (filed against) them are true. The alleged mismanagement practices have bled the agency P500 million in just two years and has consequently resulted in the deprivation of the employees benefits.”

Paglicawan said he was supposed to meet Rama at the visitors’ lounge of the letter carrier section the morning of July 28 before attending a dialogue at the Central Mail Exchange in Pasay.

While he was waiting, Paglicawan said Lazo grabbed him and forced him outside, yanking him down the Philpost’s front stairs and shouting at the union officer.

Rama rushed over to help but found himself staring at a drawn gun.

“I calmly explained to Director Lazo that what he did to Paglicawan was very degrading. Instead of being pacified, Lazo pointed his gun at me. Hinamon akong magbarilan na lang daw kami (He challenged me to a gun duel). He shamelessly harassed us in front of other Philpost employees,” said Rama.

Paglicawan and Rama went to the Lawton police outpost to file a complaint against Lazo, who is now facing charges of grave slander by deed, grave coercion and unjust vexation.

Gaite said Courage would also bring the matter before Congress.

“We cannot tolerate how the Philpost management unjustly treats their employees nor (will we) remain silent amidst the widespread corruption perpetuated by the agency’s top honchos,” Gaite said. (Dateline Philippines)