Students ask Palace: Impose moratorium in school fees, too

The Palace should also impose a moratorium on tuition and other fees, says the militant organization of students, League of Filipino Students (LFS), as it has signed into law the Rent Control Law last Tuesday, July 14.

Terry Ridon, secretary-general of the LFS, assailed Malacañang for being “double standard” in dealing with the effects of global crisis now ravaging the country, affecting the poor most.

“The Palace conveniently overlooked the need to similarly impose a moratorium on tuition and other fee increases. Students and their families are also greatly affected by the economic crisis,” says Ridon, a law student from University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman.

He accused the Palace and the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) of complacency, contended only in “appealing” to school owners not to increase their rates.

“If Mrs. Arroyo is indeed serious in addressing the welfare of students, on top of her legislative agenda should have been a similar moratorium on tuition and other school fees,” he explained.

Even the legislators did not escape LFS’ criticism.

The student leader said the Chief Executive’s lackeys in Congress know that they have the power to pass bills imposing a moratorium on prices of basic commodities and services, like school fees.

“Instead, they did nothing but railroad their Constituent Assembly through HR1109,” said Ridon.

Because of this, Ridon said, the youth has all the reasons to hold Mrs. Arroyo accountable especially for failing the students to get quality education due to high matriculation fees.

“So, we are calling our fellow students and even those youths who are out of school to make Mrs. Arroyo’s ninth State of the Nation Address (SONA) be her last,” he said. (First appeared at CBCP